Immunizations services offered in Mcallen, TX

Studies overwhelmingly prove that immunizations are safe, effective, and crucial in protecting your child and the whole community. At Pediatric Associates at Ridge, Maria Hoffman-Guardia, MD, administer immunizations in a clean, safe, and comfortable atmosphere so you and your child can feel confident and worry-free about their shots. Call the McAllen, Texas, office or use the online appointment maker now.

What are immunizations?

Immunizations are injections that help your child become resistant to dangerous diseases. Pediatric Associates at Ridge provides all the immunizations your child needs to prevent the most harmful and dangerous diseases as part of their well-child exams. 

How do immunizations work?

Every immunization has a unique formulation, but most work in a similar way. The formula typically contains weakened or inactive germs from a specific disease. Introducing those germs to the body triggers an immune response, which means the body starts working to fight those germs. 

After an immunization, the body “remembers” the germs, so if they appear in the future, the immune system recognizes them and launches an immediate attack to destroy them. 

When should my child have their immunizations?

Pediatric Associates at Ridge strongly recommend following the routine immunization schedule and guidelines approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). 

The immunization schedule is designed to protect your child and the community in the most effective way. The CDC created the schedule based on immune system responses at every age and the likelihood of exposure to each specific disease at those times. 

Following the schedule ensures that your child gets maximum protection from 14 different potentially severe diseases at the ideal times. Immunizations provide protection early in life, before your baby is potentially exposed to a potentially deadly illness. 

The schedule includes immunizations at various points throughout childhood, with most occurring in your baby’s first few years.

Can immunizations cause illness in children?

No, immunizations won’t make your child sick. Immunizations are specifically formulated to cause an immune response but won’t cause serious illness. As your child builds immunity, it’s not unusual to have some minor symptoms, but these fade quickly. 

Many parents are concerned because they hear rumors of a possible link between immunizations and autism. This has been definitively proven false. In fact, the original study that started the rumor has been retracted due to scientific misconduct, fraudulent information, and data misrepresentation.

Immunizations and their individual ingredients have been studied extensively over many years, proving conclusively again and again that immunizations are safe for children and adults. 

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